A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

Праздник Днепропетровска (the city’s holiday)

This weekend celebrated Dnepropetrovsk’s birthday, and the city celebrated accordingly. This episode in my life is best told in photographs, but I’ll give you a brief introduction. The festival opened Saturday morning with concerts, parades, and general merrymaking throughout the city center, near all the major landmarks. My friend Lena and I walked around for several hours, enjoying the sights. That night the festivities continued, a little drunker this time, despite the rain. Sunday there were still celebrations in the parks, but I didn’t go to them because it was the JCC opening. That evening was the opening of the new Dnepropetrovsk Stadium, the future site of the 2012 Eurocup. There were opening ceremonies, akin to those of the Olympics (but of course on a smaller scale), speeches, exhibition games, and then a giant concert. Five acts played, the most famous artists in Ukraine. That night there were various firework displays. QUITE an exciting weekend.


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  Beth Aaronson wrote @

This is the first blog I have ever read and I love hearing about your daily life in Dnippropetrovsk~ and seeing the pictures! It is much more metropolitan and “happening” than I envisioned. Please include pictures of your apartment, and Lena and other friends!!!

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