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Wine review: Magarach semi-sweet red

I picked this wine up in the grocery store last week because someone had recommended it to me as good quality and less sweet than the average Ukrainian wine. As the label is entirely in Ukrainian, I had no idea what I was in for and took her word for it. After trying it for myself, the question that comes to mind is, “less sweet than what??” I would hate to try one of Magarach’s dessert wines.

I did a little research before my first taste. Magarach is an Institute (that’s right, an “institute” and not a “winery” located in Crimea, where for almost 200 years wine has been “researched” and sold. It is considered one of the top Ukrainian wineries.

The Magarach website, http://www.magarach.com, describes this wine as “a semi-sweet wine which is made from Caberne-Sauvignon, Bastardo Magarach, Rubinovyi Magarach and Merlo grape varieties grown in Crimea. The wine is ruby in color and has 10-12 her cent of alcohol by volume. Its bouquet is complex and elegant. The taste is full, harmonious with a slight astrigent aftertaste. The wine promotes digestion, regulates the activities of the heart, blood vessels and spleen and protects the human organism from the effects of heavy metals and radionuclides.”

I opened the bottle and poured myself a glass. The smell is rich and fruity, the color very dark. The first taste is overpoweringly sweet and fruity, but it is a full blast that travels evenly across the palate. There is a slight acidic aftertaste that fades very quickly, leaving only a lingering sugary taste in the back of the tongue. It is a little dry, which creates a pleasant sensation between sips. Overall, it is a good wine, although far too sweet for my taste.


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