A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

Massandra Red Muscat Livadia

I have been craving muscat grapes for two weeks straight now, so I could not resist a muscat red when it presented itself so affordably to me in the supermarket the other week. This wine truly lives up to its name. While its scent is merely that of a sweet red, the taste is so much more. It is very sweet and very intense, almost overpowering in its fruitiness. It immediately warms the entire pallate with its almost spicy glow. Although I do not usually like such sweet wines, I am getting used to Crimean reds, and this one is my favorite that I’ve tried. Although it does have an almost sticky sweet aftertaste, it is still pungent and alive with dancing flavor. (This wine is also very alcoholic– 16%, and gave me a happy buzz after the first sip!)

I could not find too much information online about the Massandra vineyard, other than it is located in the Yalta region of the Crimea and is known for producing some excellent muscats. As for “Livadia,” it was the summer retreat of Czar Nicholas II and was the location of the Yalta Conference in 1945.


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