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A look back at Hanukkah

New s*** has come to light, man.


We began with Amir lighting the candles. Ina, standing next to him, is the most religious amongst us in the office, other than Amir and Sharon, that is.

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Romance concert at the JCC

Back in November, my friend Lena went to see me perform two Russian pieces, a duet with this other singer named Boris, and an aria. I just found the photos today. Without further ado, a very vain and shameless promotion from that November concert:

Defender of the Fatherland Day

February 23 was a Soviet memorial holiday celebrating those soldiers who fell in World War II defending Russia against the Germans. Today it has become a sort of Men’s Day (to compliment Women’s Day, which takes place on March 8). Although many Ukrainians don’t celebrate this holiday, our office takes it very seriously and prepares an entire spectacle and feast for the men. The women transformed the office into a Ukrainian kolkhoz (a collective farm during Soviet times, basically a Soviet kibbutz).


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Money, get away. Get a good job with good pay and youre okay.

This is more an apology than a post. It’s that time again for me: the job hunt has begun! Since I will be moving back to the United States in September, it would be nice if I could find something to do and some way to pay the rent, right?

In any event, the past couple of weeks have been quite busy due to a rather large application. Next Monday I submit it, and Tuesday I will again have some free time to write my blog. Stay tuned! I’ll be back, I promise.

Craziness and idleness

We moved. Everyone moved.

I was trying to explain the economic situation to my grandmother the other day after she told me that it couldn’t be worse than in America.

It is.

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