A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

Craziness and idleness

We moved. Everyone moved.

I was trying to explain the economic situation to my grandmother the other day after she told me that it couldn’t be worse than in America.

It is.

So we moved. Joint Dnepropetrovsk, where I work every day, has had to cut its budget by almost a third. Amir was already forced laid off one of the employees. Now, in order to save our programming, we moved to a smaller office with cheaper rent.

Hillel also moved, to a single room on the fourth floor of the JCC building. Whereas before they had four large rooms, their own bathroom, and a winding hall, now they have to share space with the JCC in order to find room for programming. The facilities are much nicer, though; the old place was in a bad area and was really run-down. Plus the rent is cheaper.

I have basically stayed home throughout this craziness, since I have no things of my own to move, no official office space, no documents, no permanent fixtures. They’re still setting up phones and internet in the new space, so except for a few visits to JDC and Hillel, where I pop by to say hi and see if anyone needs help, I have been working from home. After a week of inactivity, I cannot wait until the new office is ready.


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