A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

A look back at Hanukkah

New s*** has come to light, man.


We began with Amir lighting the candles. Ina, standing next to him, is the most religious amongst us in the office, other than Amir and Sharon, that is.


Anya Birman (left) and Lena Vodolovskaya, my coworker for Do Good, Ukraine!, were a pizza tag team. Towards the end they started mixing really weird topings, though. My favorite was a salmon, tuna, feta, olive, and tomato sauce pizza. It was so stuffed, they had to fold it in like a calzone to keep it all together.


Amir and Yulia, about to put one of Yulia’s perfect pizzas in the ovens that Amir had brought over specially for our Hanukkah celebration. Yulia’s pizzas really were all perfect, by the way. It’s hard to roll the dough into a circle of equal circumference and ample thickness, and while Lena did decently and I failed miserably, Yulia was a pizza rolling machine!


From left to right, Yana, Dima, and Sharon, making homemade sushi, just like in Second Temple times.


From left to right, Ira, Lena, and Mila.


Anya shows off the “special” pizza.

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