A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

Tanakh signing

A few weeks ago, Dnepropetrovsk participated in a global effort to write the Tanakh (the full Jewish Bible, beginning with the Torah, the first five books, and continuing with the Prophets and the Writings). Each participating city chooses a book to write in full, and then congregants each write one phrase in their native language. Dnepropetrovsk chose the book Bamidbar, or Numbers, to write in Ukrainian.


Here is Aharon Weiss, of Joint Jerusalem, former director of Yad Vashem, opening the ceremony.


The first honored guest was the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, who forgot to wear a kippah in the synagogue, but did great everyone with a rousing “Shalom!”


Here he is writing the first verse. A few other special guests were invited to the bimah, and then the process was opened to the rest of the congregation. There were stations located throughout the synagogue, including on the balcony where I was located, where we could write a sentence each in Ukrainian.


This certificate says that I, Michelle Arkow, wrote a parshah of Bamidbar in Ukrainian!

For more photos and a slightly more official article, see the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish Community’s website: http://djc.com.ua/?page=news&type=news&mnu=9&artid=2025

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