A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

Purimspiel silent film


The feast continued for 180 days…

Man with money (Max): Look at how much money I have, King!

King Ahashverosh (Vova): And I have…?

Man with ring (Kirill): Look, King!

Map (held by David): Map of my holds

Now I’ll show you!

Bring me Vashti!

Guards (Zhenya and Ilyusha): The King is calling you!!!

King: Dance for us!!!

Vashti (Dasha): I won’t!…

King: Dance for us!!!

Vashti (Dasha): I won’t!…

The first minister to the King, the exceptional Haman

Haman (Mark): And why won’t you bow down to me?!.

Mordechai (Yegor): Because I’m a Jew!

Meanwhile, the King is bored…

Haman: I will have my revenge!..

Haman: The Jews are all guilty!

all Jews
Date Signature

Sadness overcomes the King without a wife …

Haman sets up an audition…

[Dancer = Katya; Kisser = Natasha; Cupcake = Vika; Masseuse = Alisa; Singer = me]

King: I found her! I take her!!! Queen Esther!


The salvation of the Jewish people was in Esther’s hands

King: What’s this?

Esther (Vika): It’s Haman’s decree

Mordechai: Haman wanted to kill the Jewish people

King: Where is Haman? Execute him!!!

Mordechai: Haman is prostrate!

Esther: The Jewish people are saved!



Vova Kirichenko

Mark Grunskiy

Yegor Rymar

Viktoria Vodostoy

Dasha Buchachaya

Ilya Kulchitzkiy

Zhenya Bigeyev

David Pododniy

Maksim Nikityuk

Kirill Chernogorov

Alisa Bigeyeva

Katya Fedorova

Viktoria Vasilkova

Natalya Yakusheva

Valyera Moshkin

Gary Sidorov

Michelle Arkow

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  JCC Oscars « A year in Dnepropetrovsk wrote @

[…] school, Yulia In the past two years, the Jewish Community Center has made four films, including Purimspiel, the silent film we made at Sunday school. On April 19 the JCC held an Oscars ceremony to celebrate […]

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