A year in Dnepropetrovsk

An American volunteer in Ukraine

May travels: opening of the new Hesed building in Krivoy Rog

May 12, 2009 the new Hesed building in Krivoy Rog, now named the Beit Graham Jewish Home, was officially opened for business! In town for the celebration were not only all of the JDC Dnepropetrovsk staff members and those who work at Krivoy Rog Hesed, but hundreds of members of the Krivoy Rog Jewish community, as well as over forty English donors who flew in for the occasion.

Krivoy Rog, located in the westernmost part of the Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, is the longest city in the world. Its main roads, all connected in one straightaway, stretch 140 km in length. There are only a couple of blocks on each side of this main road; the city is, essentially, this main thoroughfare.

The old Hesed building had been in serious need of repair, and so the British charitable organization World Jewish Relief and a private English donor, Richard Graham, stepped up to the plate several years ago and paid for a giant renovation project. Four years later, we were celebrating the results in the beautiful new building.

In these pictures you can see the various activities JDC planned for the donors. We had several large meals, home visits, tours of the building and of programs run there, the opening ceremony itself, and a large concert after the ceremony, in which yours truly served as emcee. It was a very busy and exciting three days.


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