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My experience while in Israel during the war

This was my first time in a country in the midst of a war.

I mean, this was my first time in a country other than my own in the midst of a war.

I wasn’t scared. I never am in Israel. I always feel surprisingly safe there. Whereas in Dnepropetrovsk and for four years in New Haven it was dangerous for a young woman to walk alone at night, even in the better neighborhoods, I am extremely comfortable wandering about Tel Aviv or Haifa on my own. There is comparatively little violent crime, or even petty theft, and although there is a chance of being killed by a Hezbollah rocket or a bomb on a bus, there’s absolutely nothing one can do to prevent that or even prepare for it. It is so entirely random, that it’s not worth worrying about, and so I feel completely safe. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Dear Lena,

Your New Year’s plans sound really nice. Family and then friends. What more could you want? Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans yet. New Year’s is a big family holiday here. I thought I was going to go to my friend Lena’s house, since I know her mother and we get along really well, but for various reasons, it seems that I won’t be able to commandeer an invitation. My boss Amir leaves for Israel tomorrow and won’t be back for another few weeks, and although Sharon invited me over to spend New Year’s with her and the kids, she indicated that it won’t be so much fun. Ori is scared of fireworks (and people go crazy lighting their own fireworks here!), so they’ll be hiding indoors all night, and they have to go to sleep early. I’m going to a Shabbaton with Hillel kids this weekend, so we’ll see if any of them are family-less, as well. If not, I’ll think of something fun to do. I’m not the type to sit and mope, and certainly not on the biggest night of the year!


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